Posted by: klumppolly | June 3, 2011

How to Find Free and Legal Music downloads for Your Party Playlist

What if I told you that you can get hundreds of free songs (in mp3 format) for free and completely legal? oh, and there isn’t any one of those pesky monthly fees attached to it either… And I’m not just talking about streaming from an online player on the web, I’m talking about actually downloading these songs as your “property” for free.

The songs I’m talking about are not some backwoods bands that no one’s ever heard of either, I’m talking famous artists like John Legend, Beyoncé, Death Cab For Cutie, Alice Cooper and many others (there are also less familiar artists and bands there of course…)

Last time I checked, I counted over 1500 free songs available for immediate download.

How to find these free songs:
Amazon is probably the best source for free music. They have been doing a great job promoting their music download service and is actually subsidizing a lot of music to try and beat iTunes.
To get free music from amazon go to and just go up and down the list and get as many songs as you want. has a big collection of artists, although most of them are non-mainstream. They share a number of free songs at

You won’t find songs from artists like Beyoncé there, but there are plenty of other songs that are definitely worth listening to. Oh, did I mention they are free? :) is another great place to get more free music.

You can also follow @party_playlist on Twitter and get many updates about free songs that would be great for aparty playlist

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